Visual Presentation Animations

These are the animations used to present my professional practise module. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of Branding; the process of, how it is involved in our everyday lives, the power it can have; such as encouraging fetishism of products), and so on.

The presentation room used was set up to resemble a supermarket ‘self-service’ check out point; including make-shift till and scanner (using my iPhone for the latter), a shelving unit with various consumer goods containing QR codes (linking each item to their corresponding animation hosted on my universities website), and finally with myself playing the role of ‘checkout assistant’ to help the process run smoothly.

I linked my phone to a computer connected to a smart projector in the presentation room with the software ‘reflection’. It allowed for anything loaded onto my iPhone via scanning to be hosted onto the computers screen, and onto the projector. The computer (laptop) was then hidden in the room, so it appeared as though once these items where scanned, the animation appeared instantly on the projector across the room.

Each member of my ‘audience’ was encouraged to get up, and interact with the design by coming up and taking turns scanning their own items (in sequence to the presentations animations).


ABOVE: Shelf-serving presentation checkout counter.


ABOVE: Self-serving presentation shelves and consumer items.


Animations linked to consumer items via QR codes.





Primary Research


Literature Review


Ethical Issues


Next Steps 




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