Personal Promotion

For my personal promotion and entry into industry, which includes research into potential jobs, areas of interest, placements etc., I have decided to delve into the world of web design.

This area is still very new to me as a designer, yet is quite an interesting subject and opens more doors and roads to employment as a creative person.

I have been recently been working with web hosts bluehost and the web building application wordpress 3.9.1 to build my own promotional website:

Along with this, I have been exploring coding languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP to lean how to completely customise my website (or any website) the way I desire. I have also been exploring the software Adobe Dreamweaver, trying to become familair with the application to help develop my web design abilities.

In addition, I have built a digital portfolio of my most recent and strongest pieces of work as a PDF which can been emailed to potential employers and work long site my website, along with business cards in a similar style to my portfolio and website to show consistency with my brand.

Business Card Designs:

rory BACKFl2

Above: The back of each business card is identical, containing contact information and a portrait photograph relating to the New Designers exhibition theme of Post Office/First Class and stamps.

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