Microsoft/X-Box Character TEST

Augmentation of Microsoft (X-Box) Box character with imported UV material.

After unwrapping the character model, the faces of the unwrapping where rotated and rearranged to allow for easier texture painting. The UV map was then exported, and the guides used in Illustrator and Photoshop to create a custom and detailed ‘skin’ for the model.

Each character will have it’s own skin modelled from a UV Map.

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The original UV mapping showing the orientation of the models faces was marked out with arrows to show the direction of each face. The UV map was then rearranged, rotating and placing all of its faces to the correctly, allowing for easier texture painting. The finished JPEG file of the character ‘skin’ to be UV mapped onto the character model was made in illustrator using vectors, and based on the Microsoft box-man character.


ABOVE: Test showing how to hosting of the character with FLARToolkit was executed. Note the glitches with the characters texture lining up which can easily be fixed by re-editing in Illustrator or Photoshop, and the issue of the marker being read properly by the webcam, causing ‘glitching’ of the 3D model.

The ‘glitching’ is partly due to the strong light of the room reflecting on the paper. At matt finish or more colours in the marker to be recognised may help aid this problem.



Time Lapse video briefly showing the whole concept of Augmented Trump cards as an educational/awareness tool. Content: Brands/Corporations.

The Code/Marker would be on the back of the card. This video shows how to 3D image will be displayed from the back of the cards without rotation on the Z axis. The viewer will rotate the card themselves however they please to view the character.





More coming soon…


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