Internal Critique [Feb 2014]

Previous critiques have received little to know feedback, often stating that I have been progressing on the right track. However, this critique session I pushed harder onto my peers and gained some good, productive feedback.

The main visual idea being explored for the project has been Augmented Reality, although it was suggested that I explore visually more into Animation, incase I encounter any problems with 3D modelling, and require an alternative.

Time management was also a topic raised for both avenues, primarily with Augmented Reality. This is due to the length of time required to create, texture, and render a 3D model.

Thorough research of any companies used in the project is essential, and adequate time should be put aside for this, and managed with separate visual development of information delivery.

Reflection at the end of each week was suggested (personal and group) to analyse any development, as well as focusing on a solid direction for a final outcome, and allowing time for this to develop fruitfully.


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