Exhibition Space & Design



The exhibition of augmented reality trump cards proved to difficult in the beginning. Due to the final outcome being mainly digital, there proved to be a risk of not much work physically available to exhibit. A long with this, there were also not many ways to physically progress the project in exhibition, off of a digital screen.


Intended Outcome

The original final outcome was to involve hanging the final three-and-a half-meter-long information graphic from the ceiling for the exhibition room. The augmented reality cards would be displayed on their own shelf/plinth with an iMac computer set up with the appropriate files to display the cards 3D characters.

However, due to health and safety and security reasons hanging the information graphic that accompanied the cards from the ceiling was not an option. With potentially not being able to physically display the infographic, this only left a few pieces of work to show the cards being used and a few panels from the graphic itself displayed within the exhibition space.

Having a maximum area of 6×8 feet, space would be lost accounting for area around the floor and any shelves or plinths used in the display of work. A maximum of eight pieces would be displayed within the space and ideally no less than four.


Final Outcome

Taking into account not being able to physically display the information graphic, examples of the cards in use would also be needed as the viewer would require an example of use/proof of success and instructions of how to access and use the files needed to display the characters.

This problem was solved by using a video/animation showing each card being introduced to their needed files and displayed on the screen. The video also included the three-and-a-half-meter-long information graphic scrolling slowly across the screen, being shown in its entirety. This animation would be played on loop, and stopped for viewers to access the files themselves and use the augmented reality playing cards.

An information graphic was included above the screen of the iMac showing how to access each file and produce each chards 3D model.

Another piece of work was included showing the examples of the cards design and images of them in use.

To progress the project from its final outcomes, it was decided to design a Build Your Own 3D Character box-man template that could be printed off and made by anyone who wished to do show (with some examples printed and made up for use in the exhibition.)

The use of these build-your-own characters added a sense of physicality to the mainly digital aspects of the exhibition, along with aiding the theme of interactive design.



In conclusion, the final outcome of the exhibition was successful, especially with the application of a looped video.

In hindsight, the exhibition space could have been made stronger by creating ‘packaging’ for the augmented reality playing cards. This could have then been displayed on a wider shelf and allowed the viewer to see what the cards would look like if made available to purchase.

Due the time limitations and other commitments I was unable to make any packaging for then end product, which is not only something that would have the exhibition space stronger, but something that I would have enjoyed having the time to do.

However, this was solved by creating a small display for the cards to be propped up against on their display shelf at eye level. This helped to draw the attention of the viewer to the cards themselves.

Below are examples of the work used within my exhibition space for my final module, including an animation used at the exhibition showing how augmented reality trump cards work.


Exhibition Pieces

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Exhibition Video


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