Augmenting Reality [The Movie]

Here is a link to a quick video showing how I have and will continue to create and display my AR project using the open source software Blender, and the FLARToolKit (made my Saqoosha). The video briefly covers 3D modeling, texture painting, UV mapping and marker tracking/displaying augmented reality character models.


or try the link bellow…


Simple box characters are made in Blender, all characters will have the same size and shape, with the skin (or texture) being the only change, allowing for consistency with characters. The model is UV mapped and texture painted in Blender (although can also be exported and painted in other software, such as Photoshop). The final COLLADA (or .dae) is the exported with texture, and pasted into the FLARToolkit. The ActionScript for the SWF is changed in Flash to recognise my personal model with the FLAR marker is shown to camera.


Stay tuned for more…


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